BULTEX 99 LTD specializes in the production and supply of protective and work clothing, import and trade with protective equipment and personal protective equipment. Our products guarantee healthy and safe working conditions, protecting workers from the harmful effects of the working environment.

The company carries out and coordinates its activities through a modernly equipped commercial base and office in Plovdiv, established as a logistics center, with a total commercial area of ​​10,000 square meters. Part of it is a warehouse under customs control, through which we optimize customs costs over time, fees and VAT and we re-export to other countries.


To ensure quality and timely customer service we have our own fleet and retail network of warehouses and shops throughout the country.

The clients of BULTEX 99 LTD can always rely on trained and highly qualified staff in our stores throughout the country.

We are representatives and direct importers of safety equipment and personal protective equipment from leading European manufacturers. Our partners are companies from Italy, Czech Republic, Greece, Romania, Macedonia, Albania and other countries.

The Superhero for your Safety is You!

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About us

Bultex 99 is an entirely Bulgarian company, that boasts extensive expertise in manufacturing and distributing professional workwear and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). Our relentless dedication to safety sets us apart in the industry.

This year, Bultex 99, operating under our STENSO brand, is excited to be an exhibitor at A+A Dusseldorf 2023, located in HALL 12/F03. Renowned for its high standard and affordability, STENSO stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering the optimal balance between price and quality.

Our primary goal is to continually enhance our professional knowledge and product quality, ensuring we meet the demands of discerning distributors like you.

Over the past 30 years, we have established ourselves as a dependable and preferred partner for numerous manufacturing and trading companies, not only locally but also throughout Europe.

We don’t just supply workwear and PPE; we are committed partners to B2B distributors, working together to make workplaces safer and better.

Лого на Клиенти
20 000+ Corporate Clients
Лого на Служители
240 Employees
Лого на Артикули
6000+ Articles on stock
Лого на Продукти
3000+ Items online
Лого на Магазини
20 Retail Stores
Лого на площ
7000 m2 Retail Area
Лого на Склад
17 000 m2 Warehouse area

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Bultex 99 is the leader in the production and import of Personal protective equipment (PPE) and Workwear.

Our Headquarters and central management are located in the city of Plovdiv, and the company employs nearly 300 people.

If you want to apply, reach out to our contact e-mail:

Customer Service Specialist

- Previous experience in the same or similar position in client consulting;
- Team working skills, commercial awareness and results driven;
- Excellent communication and presentation skills;
- High level of self-discipline, organized;

At the moment these are all available positions

At the moment these are all available positions

At the moment these are all available positions

At the moment these are all available positions