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Protective gloves are an important part of workplace equipment when it involves a variety of risks, even if they are minimal. They are used to protect hands from injuries and prevent accidents at work in many industries and professions. There are many types of gloves, each of them meeting specific needs.

Before choosing gloves, make sure you buy the right ones for your workplace and the type of activities you perform. On you will find a variety of models at good prices.

The gloves can be categorized according to different criteria - by the fabrics used, by purpose, risks, durability, etc.


On online store they are separated into 11 categories:

  dipped - these are gloves with textile base, whose palms and fingers are dipped in materials protecting from various risks, harms and dangers (PVC, neoprene, nitrile, latex);

  for mechanical protection - these are gloves that protect against mechanical risks such as cutting, piercing, etc .;

leather and textile - most often used in loading and unloading of goods;

leather gloves- these gloves are made of genuine leather that bring comfort and protect from low  temperatures;

 oil-resistant gloves - They are made with a base of different types of cotton fabric and are completely dipped (up to the wrist);

 for chemical protection - made entirely of materials protecting against chemical risks such as PVC, neoprene, nitrile, latex. Keep in mind the type of aggressive substances we work with and their concentration;

 anti-cut gloves - made of specific fibers, they prevent cutting depending on the degree of protection provided;

heat and cold protective gloves - we choose them when working with extremely high or low temperatures. Heat protection gloves - in contact with high temperatures up to 100⁰С, 200⁰С, 350⁰С. Cold protective gloves protect when working in sub-zero temperatures.

for single use - non-sterile disposable gloves with or without powder;

for welders - made of genuine leather, they protect during welding processes in which sparks are formed


There is a marker placed on each glove that indicates its properties, qualities and the corresponding standards that they meet.


On our online store we offer you a variety of types and models gloves at attractive prices, which you can view and choose entirely online!