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Men's clothing

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Men's clothing at the workplace is a "label". Of course it depends on the nature of your business, which sends an additional message about the prestige and individuality of the company.

Some professions have strict requirements for uniforms, others allow more freedom.

Following the trends in the textile production and the innovations in the fashion industry, we create clothing from light and non-crumpled fabrics, classic colors and clean silhouettes which allow our customers to identify themselves in the work environment with their own style and at the same time to enjoy a comfortable uniform.

Our clothes are characterized by durability and ergonomic cut, in accordance with the dynamics of the working day and their repeated usage. Based on the purpose of the clothing and the requirements of our customers, the fabrics used in men's jackets, pants, shirts, sleeveless jackets and vests are made of natural materials, as well as a combination of natural and synthetic fibers in order to take the best of both. These textile technologies are economically and environmentally justified with the use of less natural resources and the successful application of viscose as an alternative to cotton due to better maintenance properties of the fabric and comfort for the one who will wear it.

What men’s wear will you find in this section:

  Men's jackets - different in their composition and color fabrics, classic and slim fit silhouettes;

  Men's trousers - different in their composition and color fabrics, classic and slim fit silhouettes;

  Shirts - cotton, cotton / elastane and mixed fabrics, short and long sleeves;

  Vests - tailored to the color and fabric of the jacket;

Ties - jacquard and one color;

Blouses - sweaters, quilted blouses;

Suitable accessories for them - bow ties, handkerchiefs for jackets.


Why should we buy from

The different types of products can be seen and ordered on the online store In this section you will find a rich portfolio and a variety of models of men's jackets, pants, shirts, vests, ties, bow ties, blouses and appropriate accessories for them.

Here you will find information about fabrics, patterns, how to properly treat and operate, size charts, technical characteristics, as well as some interesting facts about men's work and uniform wear.

By purchasing from you contact the manufacturer directly and take advantage of commercial prices. All cases can be solved directly and in time.

On our online store you will receive a quick answer and a competent opinion about men's clothing, fashion trends, current colors and fabrics.