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What exactly is the women’s corporate wear?

This is the look of the working woman. Тhat is the idea of up-to-date trends at work and at the same time applying the corporate etiquette associated with formal wear in the work environment.

How to choose the most suitable workwear for you?

In order to choose her look, a woman goes through a number of challenges and questions.


- What is trending? - Nowadays, fashion is not what it used to be, and yet do rely on standard colors in corporate circles. They are mostly in the dark color range - black, gray, blue for jackets, pants or skirts, and light but not bright tones for dresses, blouses and shirts. This will avoid cases when your clothes will not fit the surrounding working environment.

- What is up-to-date? - in the corporate business world the timeless classic is relevant - a fitted dark jacket with a lapel, pants, skirt or dress with a clean silhouette, and the skirt should be slightly above the knee.

- Which of the following is appropriate? - Suits of jackets and trousers, or jackets and dresses, shirts and ethereal blouses, as well as heeled shoes not more than 4-5 cm.

- Which is comfortable? – Comfort is one of the most important things throughout the whole working day. In order to complete our duties, we must feel comfortable. When choosing workwear, this is probably the most important question for working women, so ask yourself this question first.

All clothing that meet all these requirements can be found on stenso.net. We offer a large selection of corporate women's clothing, including:

● Women's jackets;

● Women's trousers;

● Women's skirts;

● Formal Dresses;

● Formal shirts and blouses;

● Official Vests.

All items we offer are made in extremely comfortable cuts and fabrics, made mostly from part viscose or cotton, which helps you feel comfortable throughout the working day.

Many types of models and prices, as well as the comfort of ordering them online is what distinguishes stenso.net