Clothes for bartenders and waiters

Clothes for bartenders and waiters



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Clothes for bartenders and waiters

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In order to be flawless during the long workday, you have to feel comfortable and safe in your workwear.

Apart from being functional, the workwear can also keep up with the latest fashion trends

Advanced technologies, their properties and characteristics give our customers the ability feel self-confident, keeping their individual style.

Why you shoud buy from the online store

On our online store you can find a wide range of recommended uniforms for bartenders and waiters, which will convey the completeness of your restaurant and ensure the comfort and satisfaction of the staff. On we offer a variety of restaurant uniforms at attractive prices.

How to choose the most suitable workwear for waiters?

Most likely, driven by your desire to keep your customers happy,you aim to be noticed for your own style and handwriting. The way your employees represent themselves is also the individuality and attitude you give towards your clients.Driven by the desire to give uniqueness to each item, we have created different series of workwear for waiters and bartenders with their own style, individual vision, suitable for any situation. Here are the components of a uniform for a waiter or bartender.

You could choose some of them depending on the type of restaurant:

● For a classic restaurant - wearing trousers, a long-sleeved shirt or a shirt with the possibility of rolling up the sleeves, a sleeveless jacket, trousers and a suitable accessory such as a bow tie or tie if desired, formal shoes;

● For pizzeria and fast food restaurants - pants, shirt with long sleeves or short sleeves in a sporty silhouette, apron with denim elements or elements of leather, suspenders, bow tie, sports shoes;

● For beach bar and restaurants on the beach or pool - pants or Bermuda shorts, T-shirt or shirt with short sleeves in a sporty silhouette, hat with visor, sports shoes.

Bartenders in the respective category restaurant or bar should additionally wear an entire apron in a color and style consistent with the waiters uniforms. It’s main purpose is to prevent contamination in the preparation of cocktails, shakes, fresh juice.

What kind of products you can find on

Men's and women's shirts with short and long sleeves in different colors, fabrics and cut;

● T-shirts and blouses in a variety of colors - with a collar or a round neckline;

● Men's and women's vests made of jacquard fabrics, denim and viscose fabrics;

● Front aprons of different design and length;

● Whole front aprons in accordance with the shirts and vests, as well as with the collection "uniforms for chefs";

● Skirts with a classic cut and high waist;

● Women's and men's pants with a classic silhouette, sports cut of cotton, viscose and polyester fabrics;

● Denim and denim trousers;

● Scarves, fissures, bow ties and ties complement the unique look of the uniform.