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 It is our responsibility to create and offer workwear for chefs in order to help our clients express themselves as professionals, to identify themselves in the work environment with their own style, and to enjoy wearing a comfortable uniform, making them work with passion and uniqueness. Workers in the kitchen, though hidden behind walls, deserve to look good. Wearing a uniform during work raises self-confidence and brings comfort during long working hours. Last but not least, attention must be paid to improve working conditions, occupational and health status of the workers. Most accidents can be prevented by using appropriate personal protective equipment and appropriate workwear combined with effective training. Employers can prevent most injuries and illnesses that occur in the workplace by identifying and then eliminating or at least minimizing workplace risks.

How should we choose chef’s workwear? Which are the minimal required elements for such uniform?

The workwear must be properly selected  and related  to the position held in the kitchen and the possible risks that might occur.

Here are some common rules for choosing a uniform:

For chefs and assistant chefs, the workwear is advised to contain the following components:

● Tunic with long sleeves made of fabric with a weight of 120 to 240 g/m²;

● Long pants with a weight of 120 to 240 g/m²;

● T-shirt made of cotton fabric;

● Protective front apron with bib;

● Hat, cuffs and protective gloves;

● Anti-slip shoes;

● Heat resistant gloves for warm surfaces.

For confectioners and cold kitchen chefs:

● Long-sleeved tunic;

● Long pants;

● T-shirt;

● Protective front apron;

● Hat;

● Anti-slip shoes.

For workers using the dishwasher:

● Tunics with long or short sleeves;

● Long pants;

● Anti-slip shoes;

● Waterproof boots or overshoes in white with anti-slip sole;

● Protective waterproof apron.

What kind of products can you find at

● Tunics and jackets for cooks - made in different cuts, types, fabrics and colors;

● Pants;

● Aprons - rubberized and textile;

● Hats, cuffs and protective gloves;

● Anti-slip shoes;

● Waterproof shoes for wet rooms;

● Anti-cut gloves;

● Heat-resistant gloves for warm surfaces;

● Safety sleeveless jacket or jacket for cold rooms and chambers.

Why you shoud buy from the online store is a guarantee of quality, variety of types and colors, attractive prices and easy online ordering.

With the advancement of technologies, safety wear has become comfortable and modern. Here you will find work wear for chefs of the latest generation, made of fabrics with antibacterial properties, simplified silhouettes and amenities, ergonomic cut and modern design.

Tencel © high-end chef's uniforms with AIRWEB wing flap embedded in the sleeve or back of the product, EASY CARE technology for easy ironing and treatment, oil and waterproof coating of jackets and aprons allowing free movements and freshness even after a long work day.

It is advisable to wear uniforms of the correct and accurate size to minimize the risk of accidents at work during the work process due to incorrect size. We advise the workwear to be with a  higher content in natural fabrics - cotton, linen, bamboo or substitutes such as viscose, lyocell etc. The main advantage of using natural fabrics is that they are more difficult to inflame compared to polyester and polyester blends. We advise you to pay attention when choosing the appropriate workwear,which often comes with innovative technologies and innovations.The breathable fabric placed in the armpits or the lower back is such , ensuring the comfort and the feeling of coolness.

Wash & Go Special treatment to simplify the use and maintenance of the clothing. Allow for extremely fast drying of fabrics, which makes them ready to wear immediately after washing without ironing. This is an important feature for those who care about the environment.

A unique system with a coating inspired by shark skin. The fabrics are characterized by softness and smoothness, antibacterial properties, breathable fabric. There is no need to iron, it is waterproof, comfortable and extremely lightweight.