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Do we know what medical workwear is?

In our dynamic everyday live, we pay less and less attention to the details.

How many of us have wondered why doctors and nurses are dressed in different clothes? The answer is: Because they have to feel comfortable.

The work that the medical personel performs is one of the most stressful, therefore they have to feel physically well and comfortable.

What does the medical workwear look like?

This is a type of workwear used by specialists in hospitals, clinics, etc.,usually involving the usage of medical tunics, medical pants, slippers and clogs.


How do we choose medical workwear? As we have in mind the following options:

●  comfort

●  usability

●  vision

For the comfort of our customers, we have developed an online store, in which you can easily and quickly view the different types of medical items and order the medical workwear that you need at affordable prices.


What kind of medical workwear will you find on

● Medical tunics

● Medical trousers

● Medical aprons

● Sanitary slippers and clogs

● Disposable masks, gloves, socks, bonnets


Why you should choose us?

● Easy order online and fast delivery from;

● Large selection of items;

● Over 25 years of experience in the production of workwear;

● The quality of a Bulgarian manufacturer;

● Attractive prices.