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Workwear is not what it used to be 10 years ago. In addition to strength and durability, employers and employees require it to be comfortable, and at the same time modern and practical. The replacement of quilted clothing with thinner all-season models combined with thermo underwear is noticeable. Customers who have tried this option say that this combination provides them with freedom of movements, thermal insulation and does not spoil when washed. When sweating, thick clothes retain moisture, you feel wet and with clothes stuck to the body, while thermo underwear keeps the body dry.

Thermo underwear is the layer that is closest to our body, so it is very important to make the right choice when buying it.

What size to choose?

It is necessary for the thermo underwear to fit tightly on your body. Thus, it plays the role of a second skin and retains the heat generated by the body. Also, the tight thermo underwear provides comfort when wearing the upper layers of clothing.

What kind of fabric to choose?

There are two indicators when choosing a suitable material: weight (thickness) and material (the type of fabric from which it is made).


Weight - each weight has its advantages:

Lightweight fabric - suitable for cool weather and high level of activity - such products are QUICK DRY, LOVELL, PAYPER THERMO PRO 160 (link to  products from the store)

 Medium fabric - suitable for moderately cold weather. They can be worn for different sports activities and in different work environments - such  product is PAYPER THERMO PRO 240 (link to a product from the store)

Heavy fabric - for extremely severe winter conditions. Suitable for winter sports and all-day outdoor work - such products are CHILL and PAYPER THERMO PRO 280 (link to a product from the store)

The fabric from which your thermo underwear is made of, must be soft and at the same time extremely elastic.

 Natural fabric - cotton is a natural fabric, but when sweating it retains moisture longer than synthetic fabric - such a product is LOVELL (link to a product from the store) made entirely of natural materials - cotton / elastane / viscose

Synthetic fabric - made especially for extreme cold conditions, synthetic fabrics are the best fabrics for thermo underwear. Polyester, spandex and lycra are often combined with other natural fibers to provide moisture resistance and heat retention - CHILL, QUICK DRY, PAYPER THERMO PRO

Round neck or high collar zipper?

Both options have their advantages.

Thermo underwear with a round neckline can be hidden under everyday clothes. Zippered underwear allows you to open the zipper and cool down when your body temperature rises.

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