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Workwear vests

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Why you should buy a sleeveless jacket?

The work sleeveless jacket is one of the most functional parts of the workwear. It is comfortable to wear and applicable all year round. For example, it is much more practical in the summer, when the air conditioner is running and it gets cold, to put on a sleeveless jacket instead of a jacket. The work sleeveless jacket does not restrict the movement of the hands.

On our online store you can find sleeveless jackets for people with different professions such as:

construction workers;


medical personnel;

hunters and fishermen;

 employees in the administration



security guards etc.

a variety of sleeveless jackets for your leisure time.


How to choose a sleeveless jacket?

When choosing from our product variety of sleeveless jackets we have tried to offer different options for fabrics, prices and cuttings. In order to pick the most suitable sleeveless jacket for you, you have to consider  your work environment.

If you would like a slight addition to your workwear, you can choose from our unquilted sleeveless jackets -  

Emerton vest, Payper pocket, Asimo vest, Light kamo vest and others.

If you want a thick quilted sleeveless jacket – take a look at the models Prisma winter, Wonder, Payper Daytona and many others. Keep in mind that if you do not want to buy an extra sleeveless jacket, you can choose a jacket with removable sleeves, which is the same.

Additional extras that might help you choose the correct sleeveless jacket

Take a look at all of the additional extras that come with each model, in order to make the right choice.

If you need sleeveless jacket with reflective elements – such models are са Prisma winter, Payper Mig 2.0, Trax.

Take a look at the Daytona, Mig 2.0, Roseville models if you want your sleeveless jacket to have a warm fleece lining. The model Trax has an ID card pocket, Emerton vest has multifunctional volume pockets.

If you are a hunter, fisherman or like camouflage clothing, on you can buy online Light Kamo vest, Kamo vest, Payper pocket, Speedy vest camouflage. Payper pocket has a special hunting pocket in the waist area with a reflective wick.

Workwear is not what it used to be. More companies are seeking not only for the comfort of their employees, but also for a modern vision. It starts to look more casual for the leisure time. We follow these trends by offering our customers not only different types of modern work pants and jackets, but also modern sleeveless jackets. Models following these trends are Speedy vest and Flash vest, Kodiak, Spark pro, Gate и Gate lady, Daytona, Light Kamo vest and others.

Why you should choose

  Wide variety of products;

Over 25 years of experience in the production of work and safety wear;

Current market prices;

Easy online orders

  Wide range of models and fabrics

Opportunity to consult with an employee