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In this category you will find personal protective equipment that protects against risk factors in the work environment. They protect some of the most important parts of your body by providing protection for the eyes and face, head, hearing, respiratory and altitude protection, dielectric devices for work in low and high voltage installations.


How to choose suitable personal protective equipment?

The eyes and the face are one of the most important parts that you must protect not only in the work environment, but also when doing household chores. Types of risks requiring eye protection may include: impact from particles or debris, light, radiation, wind, heat, dust, splashes of liquids, etc.On each frame of the safety glasses must be marked the following information:


 Standart that the glasses should meet;

Mechanical stability;

 Certification mark;

 № of accredited laboratory.

The following information must be marked on each eyepiece:

Number of protection degree;

Identification of the company-producer;

Classification of the optics;

Impact resistance;

 Certification mark;

 1 – Optical quality class I;

 F – mechanical resistance to low energy shocks.

Protecting your head is very important, especially when moving around construction areas and places where something heavy is likely to fall on you..

High levels of noise exposure can lead to hearing loss. In the work context, adequate hearing protection is one that reduces noise exposure to below 85 dBA at an average work shift of eight hours. Maximum allowable endurance level per day (dBA):

 8 hours at 85 dB (A)

4 hours at 88 dB (A)

 2 hours at 91 dB (A)

 60 min at 94 dB (A)

 30 min at 97 dB (A)

 15 min at 100 dB (A)

The types of hearing protection are:

-    Internal earmuffs: This is a type of hearing protection that is designed to fit in a person’s ear canal. There are many different types of earmuffs, mostly made of foam.

-   External ear muffs: This hearing protection fits snugly on a person's earlobe.

-   Helmets that cover different parts of the head, including the ears.

The respiratory protection must be used when there is low oxygen content in the environment or dangerous dust, smoke, fumes, gases, vapors, sprays etc. These agents can cause cancer, lung damage, other diseases or death.

The respirators are needed where toxic substances are present and where engineering control is insufficient to reduce or eliminate them. Increased respiration rate, rapid heartbeat, and impaired thinking or coordination occur more rapidly in an oxygen-deficient or other dangerous atmosphere. Even a momentary loss of coordination can be disastrous if it occurs while the worker is performing a potentially dangerous activity such as climbing a ladder.

What types of personal protective equipment you will find in this section?

The types of glasses you will find on are closed and open; welding masks and helmets; face shields; glasses and accessories for them.

The types of head protection that we offer are ventilated and non-ventilated helmets, helmets for protection against electric shock, helmets for miners, shockproof hats with visors.

Hearing protection includes external and internal ear muffs, helmet ear muffs.

In respiratory and altitude protection you will find a variety of respirators, full-face and half-face masks, filters, gas detectors, air-breathing apparatus and self-rescuers at affordable prices.

Altitude protection includes products that will protect you from falling from high places such as harnesses, belts, carabiners, ropes, shock absorbers, safety lines.

Dielectric devices are produced only on individual orders and include dielectric gloves, boots and rugs.

In our online store we offer you the largest variety of personal protective equipment at good prices, trying to combine comfort, vision and protection- we don’t  compromise with the quality.