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Who are we...

Stenso Workwear

Success in business is achieved over time. In the beginning a dream is born, then the difficult path to success is taken. Ambition, hard work and perseverance – this is necessary in order to be successful and to stand out from our competitors. Every business owner should know that in order to have flawless market image, it is needed to offer each of our employees excellent working conditions, which includes good salary, pleasant atmosphere and adequate work clothing.

Who we are and why we are unique

We are a company that offers professional specialized clothing necessary for every type of activity and field of development. We rely on precise workmanship and we do not compromise in offering work clothes that meet all regulations for safe working conditions. With our diverse and high-quality offers, we provide each employee with the required level of comfort throughout the working day.
In the production of protective clothing and uniforms we use high quality fabrics that are characterized by high resistance and strength. We put workmanship first, and each of our customers is important. Our mission is to offer the customer a perfect product that will contribute to the development of small and large businesses.

What type of work clothing you can find on our website

Our online store differentiates with a wide range of different types of work clothing, work shoes and PPE, providing a high level of protection even in the most extreme working conditions. As the team is the "engine" of any business, it is important to provide each manager and executive with the best possible conditions, which invariably include adequate clothing. With us on you will find:

  • Medical clothing - tunics, pants, aprons, disposables, slippers and clogs;
  • Workwear - jackets, overalls, sets, vests, T-shirts, High Visibility clothing, waterproof clothing, etc.
  • Uniforms for hotels and restaurants - shirts, pants, aprons, tunics, hats, etc.;
  • Business clothing - blazers, dresses, shirts, pants, skirts, etc.;
  • Work shoes and protective shoes – ankle, half-knee boots, low shoes, rubber boots, specialized shoes, etc.
  • Personal Protective Equipment(PPE) – safety glasses, shields, earplugs, masks, gloves and many more
  • Sports and leisure clothing – socks, insoles, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc.

Our product range is diverse and it provides employers, managers and businesses the chance to ensure excellent working conditions for their employees in order to reach their full potential. Motivation, determination and achieving results - the path to business success is not easy, but we at will help you walk it smoothly by walking alongside you!

What are the main fabrics used

All fabrics that we use in sewing different types of specialized clothing are of high quality and provide the necessary comfort to employees and workers in different areas of work - cotton, polyester and blended fabrics. From the design of the clothes to their making, each step in the production process is carefully considered and fully consistent with the ultimate goal.

When is Personal Protective equipment (PPE) used

When there are risks in the working environment, it is mandatory to use appropriate personal protective equipment to protect eyesight, hearing, skin, respiratory system and more. The provision of protective accessories is mandatory in many professions such as welders, firefighters, medics, builders and laboratory assistants. Employees in each of these areas of these fields fall into the risk category, and personal protective equipment with high mechanical resistance and a high degree of protection is mandatory. Select them from

Why choose

We know what the modern entrepreneur needs and we can provide it. We are focused on meeting the needs of small, medium and large businesses, paying special attention to even the smallest detail, because details always matter. It is this philosophy that has led us to success. We are proud to say that we have achieved a lot over the years, and this makes us distinctive in the market. is synonymous with quality, professionalism and success. Choose us because:

  • We have 22 years of experience in manufacturing and trade of workwear:
  • We have 20 stores in 16 cities;
  • Our warehouse totals 17763 sq.m, and our retail stores 6118 sq.m;
  • We offer over 5485 products;
  • We are proud of 39000 active clients;
  • We offer more than 30 Brands;
  • Over 220,000 annual sales;
  • We have been awarded 5 gold medals from exhibitions and 51 awards and recognitions;
  • Customers always rate us high;
  • Great prices.

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